Release Notes

Version Info
Syspeace 3.1.5
November 25 2020
Performance improvements to the rule matching database, support for masked data and contains general performance improvements and bug fixes.
Syspeace 3.1.1
May 10 2019
Support forgiving blocks via Remote Status and contains bug fixes.
Syspeace 3.1.0
February 26 2019
Introduces Remote Status, improves deployment and contains performance improvements and bug fixes.
Syspeace 3.0.1
April 04 2018
Contains bug fixes and improves the experience when an account creation email can’t be delivered.
Syspeace 3.0.0
January 10 2018
Introduces Country blocking and contains numerous other improvements.
Syspeace 2.7.2
June 21 2017
Fixes a crash when attempting to match a Windows login rule with a domain filter and a synthesized RDP Winlogon event is considered.
Syspeace 2.7.1
April 25 2017
Fixes inability to communicate with license server on Windows Server 2008 if .NET Framework 4.5 or later is installed.
Syspeace 2.7.0
April 03 2017
Many improvements to detection of intrusion attempts and fixes, including improvements to Remote Desktop/Terminal Services login attempt detection.
Syspeace 2.6.0
August 10 2016
Important fix for Windows Server 2003 users; fixes minor issues and improves detection of intrusion attempts.
Syspeace 2.5.2
July 02 2014
Fixes minor issues with 2.5.0 and improves stability.
Syspeace 2.5.0
April 15 2014
Introduces support for plugin detectors, updates the reseller model and includes functionality to export and import settings and to diagnostically run Syspeace in a “dry run” mode.
Syspeace 2.4.1
January 31 2014
Fixes a bug where IP addresses could be mixed up in tables and improves the local blacklist and whitelist interface.
Syspeace 2.4.0
January 22 2014
Introduces Access log, IP address actions and revamps the internal database for speed and efficiency. For more details, see the full release notes.
Syspeace 2.3.1
October 14 2013
Fixes bugs in reports, license behavior during periods when the Syspeace backend server is briefly unreachable and improves the account registration process. For more details, see the full release notes
Syspeace 2.3.0
August 19 2013
Provides Windows Server 2003 support for SQL Server-based blocking, a better interface for viewing current and possible blocks and improves behavior when Syspeace servers are unreachable. For more information about all improvements, see the full release notes.
Syspeace 2.2.2
June 25 2013
Improves SQL Server compatibility, shows events in the status window and fixes bugs. For more information, see the release notes
Syspeace 2.2.0
June 11 2013
Added support for resellers.Blacklist and whitelist entries can now have descriptions and weekly and daily reports now exclude pre-existing blocks. For more information, see the release notes.
Syspeace 2.1.0
April 18 2013
Added support for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server logins.Includes the new Access Report feature and many usability improvements. For more information, see the release notes.
Syspeace 2.0.1
February 26 2013
Includes better support for SMTP over SSL, access to higher quality geographical data, improves performance and fixes upgrade issues. For more information, see the release notes.
Syspeace 2.0.0
January 31 2013
Added support for Windows Server 2003. Many improvements to user interface, installation process and IP address handling.
Syspeace 1.1.40
November 20 2012
Added support for CSV-files in daily and weekly reports.Minor fixes to system.
Syspeace 1.1.30
September 19 2012
Upgraded the Attack control: improved search and added analysis of login statistics.
Syspeace 1.1.23
September 11 2012
Fixed bug where new installations would have problems with the reporting feature.
Syspeace 1.1.22
September 10 2012
Updated registration process in GUI.
Syspeace 1.1.21
September 04 2012
Fixed e-mail bug.
Syspeace 1.1.20
September 03 2012
Added daily and weekly reporting.
Syspeace 1.1.10
August 07 2012
Added global blacklist.
Syspeace 1.1.5
July 29 2012
Fixed SMTP to work with Gmail.
Syspeace 1.1.0
July 15 2012
First version! Basic functionality for securing a server from unauthorized login-attempts.

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