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Syspeace is a must-have complement for your IT security management. Syspeace works with Windows Servers and senses bad logins to other Windows accounts such as Sharepoint, OWA, Exchange Server SMTP mail accounts and Remote Desktop Services.

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Syspeace is quick to download, but more importantly free to download and try for 30 days. Once you are ready an affordable per-computer license is available. Both are non-perpetual licenses, which means free updates are available as long as a license remains in effect.

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Excellent reviews


Syspeace softpedia customer reviews 4.0 star rating

“The only solution we had been able to find to aid mitigate against the attack vector we were concerned about.” – Marc W
Syspeace capterra customer reviews 5 star rating

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The calculator shows the price for a new customer. Current customers with nonprofit or educational institution discounts or recently purchased licenses should log in to the Syspeace Licenses site for a price taking these factors into account.

All prices in US dollars.

Syspeace protection features

Where Syspeace can protect you:

  • File shares
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDP)/Terminal Services
  • Citrix
  • Sharepoint

As well as other programs using Windows authentication:

  • Protection against unlimited login attempts on Exchange SMTP connectors.
  • Protection against unlimited login attempts to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Protection against unlimited login attempts to your website using the optional
  • Web Detector plugin (requires matching detector in web site).

Syspeace’s settings allow you to:

  • Configure your own local whitelist.
  • Configure your own local blacklist.
  • Use our Global Blacklist.
  • Geo-block specific countries (NEW!).
  • Responsive rules with retroactive reshaping of blocks.
  • Search the log of detected login/intrusion attempts.
  • Receive email when a block is performed.
  • Receive daily and/or weekly mail with aggregated intrusion information both as plain text and attached CSV file.


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“We’ve been using Syspeace for over a year now and it has detected and blocked numerous attempts to access our systems. This is a great product and I highly recommend everyone adding it to their tools to protect infrastructure!”

Ryan L. Hendrickson / Director of Technology / The American Legion Boys State of Missouri, Inc

“I will NEVER stop using Syspeace as now I can sleep at night!”

Gordon B / South Africa

“Syspeace is a really unique product and more people should know about it.”

drKatz / InfoStatz / USA