About us

Our ultimate vision is to make cyber security management a little simpler, a little less expensive and make the digital world safer for businesses – one server at a time.
Syspeace is an intrusion prevention software product owned by Treetop Innovation AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have decades of experience in IT.

Our mission is simple. An inexpensive and easy to use intrusion prevention software, with a great support team, who listens to you and improves because of that.
Syspeace is an intrusion protection software which most can afford regardless of business size, as well as easy to use regardless of computer experience. Maybe you’re the IT administrator or maybe you are just concerned with current hacking threats? Syspeace is made for you, with the safety of every type of business in mind.

We are different. We consist of an intimate team whose main priority is to provide easy to use services and highly accessible support, always with you in mind. We don’t discriminate based on company size, each business is equally important, thus also receive equal support in timely order. Fairly and timely is our goal.
Our customers are at the heart of our business. Providing a first-class service and support is the uttermost essence of what we do. We pride ourselves in taking extra good care of you, listen to your concerns and continuously improve.

Our most important interest is to design this intrusion prevention software out of real customer concerns. This includes being attentive to rising cybercrime threats and up-to-date knowledge of the IT environment in the world. This is what sets us apart from other software suppliers.

If you want to read more about what our current customers say about us, please visit our testimonials.