What’s new in Syspeace v4?

Syspeace v4 is a major new release of the Syspeace Intrusion Prevention Solution, rebuilt to support full-fidelity remote management and provide a strong foundation for future features.

Syspeace v4 is available at no upgrade cost to all Syspeace v3 customers. Syspeace licenses are version-agnostic and work for servers using either version.

Syspeace v3Syspeace v4
Runs on…Windows Server 2003 and laterWindows Server 2008 R2 and later
Remote Management ?Remote Statuscheck
Works when Windows Firewall is disabled/managed ?wrenchcheck
Blocking rules ?SimpleExtended
Max block duration14 daysSeveral years
Global Blocklist20 entries per incremental update500 entries per incremental update
Works with Syspeace accountcheckcheck
Works with Syspeace licensescheckcheck
Supports multiple license groups per Syspeace account xcheck
Supports multiple users per Syspeace accountxcheck
Integrated manualSeparate PDF fileHTML (viewable in Console as Help)
IPv6 supportxcheck
Access Log (see prior login attempts)checkcheck
Access Report (“slice and dice” prior login attempts) checkcheck (since 4.1)
Daily/weekly email reportscheckcheck (since 4.1)
Export/import settingscheckcalendar *
Detector SDKcheckcalendar *
RRAS detectorcheck (optional)check (since 4.1.400)
IP activity (see recent login attempts/blocks for IP address)xcheck (since 4.2)
Upgrade Service remotelyxcheck (since 4.2)

*A handful of v4 features with calendar are planned for inclusion in upcoming minor releases.

Remote Management up

Syspeace v3’s Remote Status Console supports viewing a few pieces of information from another computer.

Syspeace Console in v4 replaces the local interface and can do everything remotely, and works even if you do not have line-of-sight to the server directly.

Disabled Windows firewall up

Syspeace v3 supports blocking through Windows Firewall or IP Security Policy. If Windows Firewall is disabled or managed by another piece of software, configuration may be required to switch blocking over to IP Security Policy.

Syspeace v4 directly uses the Windows Filtering Platform and is not disabled or ignored when another firewall is in use.

Blocking rules up

Syspeace v4 supports improved rules that support negative blocking conditions and capable nested logic. A few examples that are not possible in v3:

  • Login attempt is not user X
  • Login attempt is during work hours on weekdays
  • Login attempt is traffic from country X (v3 only supports immediate blocking with Country rules)
  • Login attempt is traffic outside/inside a given IP range
  • Combinations of the above (like: traffic either from Sweden or the internal IP address range at any time, or during the work hours on weekdays)
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