Syspeace 3.1 introduces Remote Status and improves deployment

Syspeace introduces Remote status

Syspeace 3.1 is now available and introduces a new feature called Remote Status to let you see the status of Syspeace services remotely, as well as improved support for automatically deploying Syspeace. Using the new Syspeace Remote Status Console application (available free of charge), Syspeace users are able to link one or more Syspeace accounts. […]

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A comprehensive approach to detecting RDP login failures

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Syspeace’s way of detecting Windows logon failures is based on using the audit events produced by Windows. This is reliable and non-invasive, but in some cases, there are oddities. When a login succeeds or fails during Remote Desktop/Terminal Services authentication, the event is logged, but there is no reference to the IP address of the […]

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Real Time

Threat Activity Map

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