Slight Increase of Brute-Force Attacks in Sweden Recorded

In the course of the previous 14 days, the amount of brute-force attacks in Sweden grew compared to the two weeks prior. Information from Syspeace shows brute-force attacks per server have climbed up by 18 percent. In contrast, there was a slight contraction of 11 percent in the whole world. The number of attacks on […]

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Sweden Witnesses No Change in Brute-Force Attacks

In Sweden, the sum total of brute-force attacks on Windows servers remained unchanged during the previous 14-day period in comparison with the previous 14-day period. According to statistics from Syspeace-secured servers, the sum total of automated hacking attempts stayed the same. In the whole world, there was a great increase of 23 percent. In Sweden, […]

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Sweden Witnesses a Steep Increase of Automated Hacking Attempts

The sum total of brute-force attacks on Windows servers in Sweden escalated in the course of the previous 14 days. The brute-force attacks have shot up by 49 percent in the previous 14-day period. In the world, there was a noticeable growth of 4.9 percent. Syspeace registered 1,300 automated hacking attempts per Windows server secured […]

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