Syspeace backend server migration May 2023

On May 10th, 2023, most Syspeace backend infrastructure will be migrated to another location.

Update May 12th 16:30 UTC: The migration is now completed and functionality should be fully restored. (Please see steps below about flushing DNS or allowing new IP addresses if applicable.)

Syspeace Service (v4) and Syspeace (v3) may fail or halt due to being unable to contact the license server.

During the migration, you will be unable to: 

  • Connect to Syspeace Service (v4) via Syspeace Console (v4) via Relay (connections on the same server (“loopback”) and on the same subnet (“Direct”) may still work)
  • Check for renewed license status (background activity)
  • Report blocks to the Global Blocklist (background activity)
  • Receive updates to the Global Blocklist (background activity)
  • Purchase a new license or perform any related tasks on the Syspeace Licenses site
  • View status with Remote Status Console (v3)
  • Start Syspeace v3 if it has been stopped (if it has been running and has checked its license recently, it should continue running for several hours from that point on)
  • Manage your Syspeace account, account users, license groups, etc in Syspeace Console
  • Reset the password on your Syspeace account
  • Unsubscribe from Syspeace mailings, view mailing in browser or change Mailing preferences
  • View statistics related to blocking

The website will remain available, as it is hosted in another location.
Several Relay servers for Syspeace v4 will also remain available, as will the backend storing shared IP lists and blocks in Syspeace v4, but these functions will still be impeded and shared blocks may not show up immediately.

When will these functions be back?

We are taking pains to minimize the duration of the migration. The service window allotted is the entire day.

Do I need to do anything?

Many backend services will receive new IP addresses in this migration. It may be necessary to flush the DNS information and/or restart Syspeace services to be properly routed to the new address. If you maintain exceptions to allow traffic to and from the current addresses, you may need to extend these exceptions to the new addresses.

What are the new IP addresses?

The new IP addresses have been added to the list of IP addresses in the Knowledge Base.

Specifically, these addresses are new and may be used after the migration:

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