Cyber crime or Computer crime

Cyber crime or computer crime is costing society and companies a lot more that initially meets the eye and more than 90 percent of the servers connected to internet has been hacked or broken into.

Through easy tools like infected USB-sticks dropped on a parking lot to advanced automated systems that penetrate servers and prey for data, or Phishing with fake e-mails asking for your personal credentials and credit card information the ways are many for the person or organization that want to get data that are not rightfully theirs. Cyber crime prevention is not an easy task.

Cyber crime prevention

Cyber crime prevention is not easy since there are many possible defenses against these type of crimes.

Usually it is not hard to find an idea to defend your network, but it is generally harder to find a really good solution for cyber crime prevention.
Anti-virus software typically deal with different types of malicious code hidden in spam e-mail and free-running software that on it’s own are trying to infiltrate a computer in order to reproduce itself.

When a virus has compromised a computer, it can gather information, send that to an external source and continue to reproduce.
One possible goal for a virus is to collect usernames and passwords and to send them to a host on the net owned by the virus creator.

If it not is possible to infiltrate a organization with a targeted virus, the cyber criminal could test a brute-force attempt. Getting a bot-network to hack a OWA or RDP connection is a fairly common practice, so protecting the parts of your system that authenticate your users is a important task for cyber crime prevention.

How does IDS help you in your prevention methods?

Syspeace are targeted at getting your users in your network to act and be more secure users for the network.

Syspeace is targeted to protect points of authentication for your network, allowing only the right authorized people to access your system at one given time. Cyber Crime prevention is made easier for you as an administrator by using Syspeace. Test it today in your network to get your users to be more secure against cyber crime.