Why do I need Syspeace?

Why would a company need data intrusion protection?

Mistakenly, many believe brute force attacks to only be of concern for larger companies with highly valued intellectual property such as educational institutions, big tech, tech startups as well as commercial and investment banks.

This is not the case. Verizon’s (2018) Data Breach Investigation reported the largest victim category of data breaches were small businesses (SMB), with nearly 60% of breaches, in fact. Nobody is invisible on the Internet. All companies are susceptible to data intrusions – because they are accessible for anyone who wants them to be. Even more so if you leave yourself exposed without hacker protection.

You may think we’re over-exaggerating, because who would care about John and his 20 employees in the suburb outside Milwaukee selling accounting services to local firms? Now, big firms may suffer more from larger scaled paid attacks because hold highly valued Intellectual Property in competitive markets. But SMBs are exposed too, and more often with higher vulnerability because their measures to protect the IT environment, your IT management, is usual far less sophisticated compared to the big guys under bolder planned hack attacks.

IT Management and Security

We understand running a business is stressful. So, we want to take one concern away from your daily operations. Running a business, without a doubt, raises issues which need to be fought on a daily basis. But your IT security shouldn’t have to be one of them. We believe your time could be put to better use than putting out avoidable IT fires.

Let us at Syspeace do this for you. We can help you ease your IT security management by preventing brute force intrusions so you can focus on more important things.

The growing risks on the internet makes IT security difficult for small companies

Sophisticated brute force attack software today puts anyone who does any part of their business via computers at risk.

Imagine an IT thief gets in through the business owner John’s login and now technically has access to the same data, the thief can now blackmail to destroy, harm or sell John’s data. Detrimental damage to a small business owner is now done and John didn’t even know it was happening.

Data intrusions and Syspeace

Intellectual property is a company’s most valuable asset in today’s world. The most common way to access sensitive corporate information nowadays is through brute force attacks. This doesn’t just put your IP at risk, but also your employees, your suppliers, customers, clients and finances. A brute force hacker program is cheap and efficient. Syspeace is the inexpensive and effective solution to stop them.

Syspeace is the way to go.

When it comes to IT security, being proactive is key to minimize the risk of possible damage. The reactive approach has never been advocated, much because these types of attacks can have irreparable damage, even for John. Most often these hacks go unnoticed, they are silent, and that is how they are dangerous. Brute force attacks are extensive nowadays and can come in a swift hacking storm, with planned intent or even by fluke, at which point those without protection are highly exposed.

Syspeace is the proactive choice to secure your servers. Don’t wait until the damage is already done. We detect intrusions and immediately protect you from them, now and in the future. Without Syspeace you may not even notice the attack and you’d leave your data unprotected.

See for yourself, download and try our 30-day free trial on as many servers as you’d like.