Automated Hacking Attempts Go up Significantly in United Kingdom

UK london syspeace brute force

Brute-force attacks on Windows servers in United Kingdom have increased greatly through the two weeks prior. The automated hacking attempts have gone up by 41 percent through the previous 14-day period, according to statistics from Windows servers secured by Syspeace. Overall, in the world, there was a slight escalation of 19 percent. Syspeace recorded 2,200 […]

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United Kingdom Records 7.3 Percent Increase in Brute-Force Attacks

UK syspeace brute force

In United Kingdom, the sum total of automated hacking attempts on Windows servers went up slightly through the previous 14-day period in comparison with the past two weeks. The brute-force attacks have gone up by 7.3 percent through the two weeks prior, according to data from Windows servers secured by Syspeace. There was a big […]

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