How to get the next generation to become professional cyber defenders

October has ended and so has the EU’s annual advocacy campaign “European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM)”. The campaign aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats. That includes promoting cybersecurity among citizens and providing up to date security information through education and good practices. Hundreds of cyber-related activities are organized throughout Europe every year during this month. Unfortunately, […]

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DevSecOps – Where Collaboration is key

Collaboration is Key in DevSecOps

We hear many people talk about DevOps and SecOps. The DevOps wants to develop a strategy that bridges the gap between software development and IT operations. The team works with design, development, testing, implementation or deployment and maintenance. Security is normally introduced in the later stages. Somewhere between testing and deployment or even later.  But […]

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The first-ever reported human death indirectly caused by a ransomware attack

In September the first death was reported as the first-ever human death indirectly caused by a ransomware attack. The Dusseldorf hospital in Germany was unable to receive the patient as it was in the midst of dealing with a ransomware attack that hit its network and infected more than 30 internal servers.  The hospital couldn’t […]

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