Brute-Force Attacks Go up Significantly in Finland

There’s no denying of facts — the sum total of brute-force attacks in Finland has built up throughout the two weeks prior. According to data from Syspeace-secured Windows Servers, there was a surge of 30 percent in automated hacking attempts per server. In contrast, there was a slight drop of 11 percent in the whole […]

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21 Percent Increase in Brute-Force Attacks in Finland

In Finland, the amount of brute-force attacks on Windows servers built up during the last fortnight compared to the last fortnight. Evidence from Syspeace shows brute-force attacks per server have gone up by 21 percent. There was an escalation of 23 percent in the whole world. Syspeace recorded 140 brute-force attacks per Windows servers in […]

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Second Greatest Rise of Brute-Force Attacks in the world in Finland

Brute-force attacks on Windows servers in Finland have increased greatly throughout the past two weeks. The brute-force attacks have gone up by 74 percent throughout the past two weeks, according to evidence from Windows servers secured by Syspeace. That’s the second greatest growth of automated hacking attempts on Windows servers in the world. Overall, in […]

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