Egypt Sees 12 Percent Increase in Brute-Force Attacks

In the course of the previous 14 days, Egypt has seen how the amount of automated hacking attempts has increased. The automated hacking attempts have climbed up by 12 percent during the previous 14-day period, according to statistics from syspeaces. In contrast, there was a slight decrease of 18 percent in the whole world. In […]

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6 Percent Increase in Brute-Force Attacks in Egypt

The sum total of automated hacking attempts on Windows servers in Egypt went up during the previous 14 days. Information from Syspeace shows automated hacking attempts per server have grown by 6 percent. There was an escalation of 4.9 percent in the world. The amount of attacks on Syspeace-secured servers increased noticeably in the course […]

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