Nov 10 2014 Syspeace, SHA-2 certificates and Windows Server 2003 Read about changes to Syspeace’s SSL certificates.

Jul 02 2014 IIS FTP and FileZilla Server detectors ready for beta testers After a first round of beta tests, we are allowing more beta testers to try out our detectors for the IIS FTP server and the open source FileZilla FTP/SFTP server.

Apr 21 2014 New reseller: RECiPHER Group Australia The Australian RECiPHER Group starts selling Syspeace licenses.

Apr 15 2014 Syspeace introduces improved reseller model focused on customer choice and reseller simplicity The new Syspeace version 2.5 introduces an improved reseller model that is a better fit for both customers and resellers.

Apr 15 2014 Syspeace 2.5.0 released Syspeace 2.5.0 introduces initial support for plugin detectors, updates the reseller model and includes functionality to export and import settings and to diagnostically run Syspeace in a “dry run” mode.

Jan 31 2014 Syspeace 2.4.1 released Syspeace 2.4.1 fixes an issue where IP addresses can be mixed up in tables in logs in the administrative interface.

Jan 22 2014 Syspeace 2.4.0 released Syspeace 2.4.0 introduces the new Access log panel and quick actions for IP addresses in many places across the user interface. It also minimizes the footprint of the local database among other architectural changes.

Oct 10 2013 Global Blacklist coverage expanded Syspeace’s Global Blacklist has been expanded.

Aug 19 2013 Syspeace 2.3.0 released Syspeace 2.3.0 brings support for SQL Server blocking on Windows Server 2003 and a better status window interface. Read on for more.

Jul 03 2013 TSYN group enters Arabic countries We welcome TSYN group as our new reseller in the Arabic countries