Imagine this. Your company has a physical facility. If someone repeatedly tries to gain access with a fake key or invalid key card, you would expect that your security guards would provide protection and not let the intruder through.
For your servers, you might think antivirus and firewall protection would be enough? Unfortunately, antivirus and firewall software only help against attacks at some gates of your facility, but does not take action against intruders.
Even with firewalls and antivirus software, wherever a legitimate user might need to log into your server, an intruder or attacker gets infinite tries to log in to this server. The server has no guard and the gate is left unattended.
You may have a burglar alarm which detects the intrusion. But not a guard to send in order to stop it. The Windows Server does have some built-in defenses, which usually amount to locking out the user the intruder is trying to log in as.
Aside from being unhelpful and annoying for the innocent user, it does nothing to stop the attack or give you protection from the intrusion attempt.
Here, Syspeace is the solution. We can serve the innocent user with a smooth login experience, whilst still protecting your company from IT theft.