What is the Global Blacklist?

We collect anonymized information on which IP addresses are blocked by Syspeace worldwide. We continuously aggregate this information, compile a list of the worst offenders, and distribute this to all Syspeace users.

The worst offenders are decided by the highest score. The score is calculated as follows: number of affected customers × 10 + number of affected servers × 5 + number of blocks. The score is shown along with the Global Blacklist inside Syspeace.

In Syspeace’s settings, you can configure the number of days for Syspeace to remember an IP address’s appearance on the Global Blacklist. If an IP address last appeared on the Global Blacklist 4 days ago and you have set Syspeace to remember Global Blacklist blocks for 5 days, it will still be blocked, but after 5 days, it will be removed.

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