Security Innovation and Syspeace Announce Partnership

We are most delighted to inform you that Security Innovation Inc. and Syspeace AB have entered an exciting and constructive partnership.

Security Innovation has helped global clients defend software applications and sensitive data from cyber-threats, for more than two decades. And from now on, Syspeace will be a forceful part of the toolbox provided.

Learn more about Security Innovation and their value proposition below or visit their website.

Secure your Software Ecosystem with a Blended Approach

Facing hostile environments, teams need a training partner that arms them with proven expertise and cutting-edge methods. If previous security training resulted in yawns and widening skill gaps, you have a problem.

Unique in the industry, CMD+CTRL combines online courses with a hands-on cyber range to build skills that stick.

Training that works. Training that is measurable. Training teams want.

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