Managed Service Providers and Syspeace

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are administrators of a large number of software instances in a dynamic Windows environment, which is quite a challenge. Syspeace’s support through large scale deployment, management and upgrade through a modular and highly standardized design that enables smooth onboarding and an ALM-process friendly maintenance.

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According to Persistence Market Research, the managed security service market is expected to grow at an 18% compounded annual rate, equivalent to over $100 billion in the coming decade. Syspeace can provide MSPs with a competitive advantage and differentiation, as well as enable MSPs to advance their service offering and now compete with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).

MSSP Alert’s latest report from 2018 highlighted 5 important drivers today which argues for why MSPs need to consider adding managed security services:


Increase in cyber crimes (Ransomware, cryptocurrency mining malware etc.) that target companies of all sizes in all regions.


Growing regulatory compliance and
data security laws.


talent shortage
and budget limitations.


Rising acceptance of cloud -based services.


SMB customers now expect every MSP to offer cybersecurity services.

Source: MSSP Alert (2018)

As a Managed Service Provider, there are many considerations that you need to consider. Beside managing the networks, physical and virtual disks, physical and virtual servers, there is also a concern for security. Here at Syspeace we can, in a orderly and structured way, help you secure your and your customers data by protecting your servers from brute force attacks.
As an MSP, you are naturally concerned about deployment and management of the security software. Rest assure that we deliver a smooth management experience against brute force intrusions that allow you to apply your standard deployment and management procedures to this software also.

The following sections will outline how Syspeace can increase your service offering without causing too much hassle or cost for Managed Service Providers and companies operating with a high number of  servers.

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