Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a common platform for any organization that are running Windows networks.

Exchange from Microsoft are the system that the organization can use for collaboration via e-mail.

Exchange mail – The solution is also a problem

The mail system have been around for a while and are today a very competent mail communication solution for companies of every size. The system are also one of the favourite systems for being pinpointed for hacking attacks sadly enough.

The Exchange solution are not the only mailserver used by organizations. There are numerous other public services that provide Exchange-mailboxes to individual or organizations as hosted solutions.

Exchange security with Syspeace

Running a Exchange system is a quite complex task, since there are many components involved. It is not uncommon that problems arise when users mailboxes are getting locked since hackers are trying to break (brute force) their way in to the Exchange servers mail accounts.

This problem can be addressed by installing Syspeace, that will protect your mailboxes from hackers.

Mail exchange system security and Download Syspeace

Syspeace IDS secures Microsoft Exchange directly to your on-premises infrastructure.

With real-time IDS against malware, phishing and targeted attacks via DDOS or Brute force attack any organization will feel more secure. Syspeace are supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010 and 2013 in almost any scenario including Hosting-mode and will complement other layers of protection by preventing the IP based attacks to diminish and enforcing data loss prevention policies. Download Syspeace and find out how we are helping your network and your Exchange Security!

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