Intrusion attempts explained

Intrusion attempts is a threat that is on the rise. More and more organizations are getting hit by individuals and organizations that try to brute force themselves in to IT-environments just to see what is there or, in worst case, as paid hit men that either copy the intellectual property or just damage the system.

Intrusion detected

When an intrusion attempt are detected it is very useful to know if you provide a public service i.e. letting customers come to your system via the web or not.

Then you almost certainly have some sort of login system to protect you.

However, a targeted attack over long time is not always visible for the untrained eye, an Intrusion detection system like Syspeace does just that. The intrusion attempts, once discovered, then it is best to take serious action as soon as possible.

Data intrusion prevention – The attempt thwarted

It is not easy to try to prevent the persons or organizations that tries to hack you especially if the attempt comes from external sources. The Internal sources are more easier to thwart.

It is not always uncommon for the intrusion attempts coming from inside of the firewall.

From time to time, someone on the inside in the company have reason to get hold of information that they not are entitled to and starts a slow hacking attempt on the company servers.

Syspeace will protect you against intrusion attempts or data intrusion from both internal and external threats and takes control back to the IT department and security center