Cyber Security threats to avoid – IT Security

Cyber security assures protection of all types of computerized devices and secure human and human interaction in the digital world. The most common forms of threats against the network are made directly by the trusted user, therefore the cyber crime itself is usually made by a known person in the network. Ofcourse the security breach is usually made by a user that are not aware the damage the function or the program they started.

Cyber security threats and common behaviour

Cyber security threats are mostly done through:

DDOS Attacks – Brute force attacks on the network by overwhelming it with bogus traffic and sadly enough it is quite easy to start sending DDOS Attacks

Phishing Schemes – The most common way is through the mail and getting the user to press links that are malware infested

Poor Patch Management – Browsers, Databases and applications are not updated by the IT staff fast enough, making the network vulnerable to attacks

Employee Errors – Passwords sharing, Easy access of password, easy passwords or losing a computer/laptop/mobile device

Cyber security tips to thwart the threats

Cyber security threats are easier to thwart if the IT department are made aware in beforehand. An IDS (Intrusion Detection System) makes this much more easier to keep track of and make necessary adjustments to undermine the threat itself:

  1. Limiting the possibility for getting access control
  2. Audit and accountability . Getting the user to know the threat faster and make faster decisions regarding cutting account of the network
  3. Vulnerability management. Assess the need and getting actions done
  4. Protection of data. See to that the data is not so easily accessed, but do not disrupt the easy access for the user

There are many layers of security policys and making the cyber attack aware for the network administrator. The digital platform are there to protect the data and people.

Syspeace fits into this intricate puzzle as a protector from brute-force attacks against windows servers and thereby securing the organizations data.

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