Intrusion detection systems

Intrusion detection (ID) is a version of IT security management system for both networks and computers. The detection software collects the intruders data and analyze the information in a multitude of aspects directly.

The ID system software collect the user intentions and analyze the information from several areas within the network or a single computer to identify any kind of possible security breach.

An IDS software sets the administrator in the drivers seat over control over the whole of the network. Detection on the full network including servers, computers and network nodes is necessary in order to thwart any kind of attack digitally.

Intrusion detection system software – Analyze your datausage

The software analyze and include both intrusions (attacks from outside the organization) and misuse (attacks from within the organization).

Our system explores the vulnerability assessment possibilities, which is a technology developed to assess the security of a computer system or network.

The detection system functions include:

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