Syspeace support for FTP on IIS and Filezilla in beta

This is just a short newsflash that the Syspeace devteam has been working on adding detectors for #Microsoft #IIS FTP server and for #Filezilla FTP server.

Using the Syspeace engine to prevent bruteforce attacks against #windowsserver #msexhange #Sharepoint #remotedesktop #Citrix has proven to be highly efficient and the need for more detectors grows steadily the more users we get.

We’ve blocked,tracked and reported over 3 Million #bruteforce and #dictionary attacks against Windows Servers worldwide so far.

We have a constant dialogue with Syspeace users over mail or Uservoice to see what new detectors our users need and one of the most frequently asked for is FTP support.

If you have ideas for new features or detectors, please join us at Uservoice or drop us an email.

We’ve already publically released the Syspeace API to enable you to write your own webapplication detectors and have Syspeace handle bruteforce attacks for you.
For more information on how to do this, please refer to the Syspeace Detector API page .


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