Downloaded Syspeace trial vs registered accounts

We had a look at the statistics for downloaded Syspeace trials and started thinking.

We have quite a lot of people downloading it every day but strangely enough, quite a few of them never register an account.

Basically, they’ve taken the time to download, probably started installing and when they’ve come to registering the account with a valid mail address to get the trial running with the licensenumber they’ve changed their mind? Even though there’a 30 day free period and everything.

It’s not a big thing of course, just
puzzled of why go through the hassle of download, start installing and then quit. When there’s no cost in trying it and getting brute force protection for free, even just for month? Weird.

Cheers Juha Jurvanen @ JufCorp

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Juha Jurvanen
Senior IT consultant in backup, server operations, security and cloud


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