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Syspeace 3.1.5

The Syspeace product to download and install on Windows Server. Includes manual.
…for Windows Server 2008 and later, 64-bit

File size: 12.9MB (13,538,817 bytes)
SHA-1 hash: E180D2D8D3873F0971B40FE36BBE32B9788EDB1E
SHA-256 hash: C054A483ED5DB2BF29A6BF84992B1B9AE8E6288A98AA6E2C1D1F6748EBEA39A2
MD5 hash: 75CDD181DFABC2D83B51DDD8E7D07DDC
CRC32 checksum: 7B5965B8

…for Windows Server 2008, 32-bit

File size: 13.3MB (13,974,643 bytes)
SHA-1 hash: 25C2BB2E1C9FC94E48477774130D758BF759EE88
SHA-256 hash: D265E783EEE201A0D86FE11AAC1C425273219A9BC1DA91884B67B11FA7FCF6EE
MD5 hash: 4DEFF027C24970F575B11E3F7FF64FFD
CRC32 checksum: C54C7B79

…for Windows Server 2003, 64-bit

File size: 12.6MB (13,163,397 bytes)
SHA-1 hash: AB6D18C5D7649193762FBE14AABB02BED044C531
SHA-256 hash: 65265D16A10DF7BAA0416A37DF122EA3D77CA10A3BD6640804BD65BBEA1A1609
MD5 hash: A073090B24B5A63E862F96AE114457CF
CRC32 checksum: 8C4038D2

…for Windows Server 2003, 32-bit

File size: 13MB (13,610,460 bytes)
SHA-1 hash: EA05511E72E5DA3DE3EDD6EBFB80F4A943BA4604
SHA-256 hash: 02A98307C464CFD879EFF8A0FC17E4ADDCE5A9AB648913234BEF2D102A327EE0
MD5 hash: 8F9A707A70BE39ACE7C73BD5371DC134
CRC32 checksum: 289FFBCD

Syspeace documentation

Syspeace manual Instructions for using Syspeace
Deploying Syspeace Instructions for how to deploy Syspeace in an automated way

Remote Status Console 1.0.1 and documentation

The free utility application to see the status of Syspeace from another computer. Read more about Remote Status Console.
Remote Status Console (incl. Getting Started with Remote Status)
Getting Started with Remote Status Manual for Remote Status Console and instructions for enabling Remote Status in Syspeace
Remote Status Architecture In-depth technical details; not necessary to using Remote Status Console

Syspeace detectors

Extend Syspeace’s functionality with detectors to pick up login attempts from additional sources.
Detector Works with
RRAS Detector (public beta) Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) in Windows Server Detects login failures
Develop your own detectors using the Detector Provider SDK.