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Syspeace Features


You can set up your own ‘country rules’ – countries which have no business accessing your servers. Syspeace will then block any login attempt from those regions immediately once an IP address is registered from those countries.

Local Whitelist

This allows you to exclude certain IP addresses from being considered as an attack. Hence, if a trusted and legitimate user accidentally makes several failed login attempts, they will not be locked out of the internal network.

Local Blacklist

This functions gives you the opportunity to manually add IP addresses as attackers which should always be blocked. For example, if want to disallow a past employee access or have noticed a distrusted IP make attempts to login.

Global Blacklist

When our central database has registered an IP as a repeated intruder attack, having made failed attempts at several of our customers, it is added to our Global blacklist. Our users can then opt in to benefit from preemptive blocking of known intruders.

System requirements

Windows Server 2003: 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
Windows Server 2003 R2: 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
Windows Server 2008: 64-bit (x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019


“We’ve been using Syspeace for over a year now and it has detected and blocked numerous attempts to access our systems. This is a great product and I highly recommend everyone adding it to their tools to protect infrastructure.”

Ryan L. Hendrickson / Director of Technology / The American Legion Boys State of Missouri, Inc.

“We have installed Syspeace on more than a dozen servers. It has blocked hacking attempts on all of them. This is an extremely effective product at a very low cost. It is a necessity for any server. And by the way. Your software added years to my life.”

Mandy, L.

“The access reports section has been a bit of an eye-opener regarding the number of addresses that hit us multiple times per day but never in fast succession. I created a rule that looks back over a 10 day period and have been catching a lot of attempts that are only one or two tries during different times of the day but occur several times each week. I found one that appears to have started a dictionary attack and successive tries have picked up where they left off days earlier.”

Arjan, H.

Syspeace Benefits

Foremost, keeping your intellectual property safe.
It is the proactive choice, get protection before a data breach occurs.
Ability to internally monitor intrusion attempts and assess server vulnerability.
Flexible non-perpetual licenses; free updates are always included.
It protects you on any account using Windows authentication, OWA, RDP, Citrix, Sharepoint, Exchange SMTP, SQL, as well as protection against unlimited login attempts to your website using the optional Web Detector plugin (website modification required).



Offer Details

No order maximum
There is no upper limit to the 30% promotional deal, it is therefore applicable on any purchase regardless of license quantity and length.

Order minimum
Minimum purchase total after discount is 15USD.

What about the free trial for new customers?
If you are a new customer you are of course entitled to receive our 30-day free trial, like everyone else. This means you’ll have to purchase the license/s with a start date commencing after your 30 day free trial has ended, or before, this is of course entirely up to you. If there are any questions regarding this, please contact us at

I am a current or returning customer
If you are a current or returning customer you log into to your Syspeace license account as usual and use the promotional discount code in your profile.


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