Spam and spamming – The most common cyberattack

Spam and spamming are usually nothing more than unwanted e-mails or communication that are really unwanted. The message that is sent to a user, arrives from a sender that are usually unknown and from an unknown origin.

There is also little or no affiliation at all with the product or service that are being marketed from the responding company. Sometimes the material that are sent are totally faked in order to get the user to click or open up a webpage for sinister purposes.

Spamming types

Spamming have a number of different forms of spam:

  • In blogs with ads
  • Online classified ads
  • Mobile phone messaging
  • Internet forum
  • E-mail spam and many more.

Spam have all in common that no one really wants or expect them.

Sadly enough are the Internet a very efficient way of distributing information. That means for the Internet user that it is very easy to send huge amount of unwanted information really fast, clogging the Internet highways with junk.

For the most part a great Virus or an Ad-Aware system takes away the main part of the spamming efforts. However if you have already been affected or do have an infected computer in your network behind your firewall it is another story.

Spammers and DDOS

Spammers usually just want attention of some sort and sets in motion a barrage of email efforts to a system, that sometimes can be cloaked as a DDOS Attack. DDOS is something that and IDS system is great at thwarting, since the system knows the IP beforehand it starts the trialbased attack.

How does IDS help you with spamming

Syspeace does not protect against spam. Syspeace helps you with keeping track of the IP-adress and IP-exclusions of different IP-adresses. Spam is usually very smart in its origin and can come from multiple IPs and multiple senders, which makes it impossible to keep a healthy track on it, Syspeace helps you keep track of this.

There are a number of efficient spam-filters available and Syspeace complement these spam-filters by securing the servers they run on against spam and spamming.

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