Hacking attempts – A nuisance for every administrator

Hacking has always been a problem throughout the era of IT. Hacking attempts are seen as nuisance and they sure can be a nuisance (see definition here).

Hacking attempts are serious problems, especially if you are running a company and expose some information to the Internet (and who does not?).

Hacking attempts – The exposure is the problem

Hacking attempts implies that the bad guy needs to break in to your system, which is never a good thing. The attempt can be made just of fluke, some can really be made with an idea.

That just one of them have a malicious mind does not help the fact that they both are intruders in your system.

To get that far, entering your system without consent, they need to find a available hole in your wall and exploit that. Usually, this is done by probing available public services as a OWA, RDP och FTP connection. Once a username/password have been guest, they have a open access to that part of your system.

Syspeace is designed to make it significantly harder for hackers and cracker to succeed and thereby guarding the companies intellectual property. The attempt is something we take seriuously. Let us help you to end the problem with hacking attempts for your network!