DDOS Attack – What is it?

DDOS attack is also called “Distributed Denial Of Service attack” and are often made by a so called DDOS programwhich is a Distributed Denial Of Service via a program. The function are a very common way for cyber criminals to disrupt some kind of service.

DDOS Attack – How it is made

The DDOS Attack is made through sending SYN-messages to a specific IP-address and/or flooding the server with basically nonsense requests, which makes it impossible for the server to receive and send that information it needs to uphold the normal operation for the companies customers.

If you provide any kind of service that are held for your companies customers, you have got a problem that will only escalate with time.

The attacks can sometimes even be made on a very cynical level, since it is not uncommon that the attack is also followed by a blackmail request asking for money to stop the DDOS attack.

DDOS Program – The effect for your network

Nowadays, ISP:s are more and more seeing this problem and are finding ways to mitigate it.

ISP:s are usually offering additional services to their customers that effectively deflect an attack via custom hardware. That is a efficient tool against this type of attack.

The IP can be checked, thwarted and taken care of through our services in a IP manner i.e. a IDS system like Syspeace.

Syspeace cannot protect you against this type of attack.

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