Cyber-attacks Categories

IT security is a pertinent issue for companies as well as individuals. Cyber security matters are therefore becoming increasingly important. This section will briefly highlights how to secure your servers from cybercrime and how to protect your computer from hackers with free or cheap internet security software and tips.

 Detected hacking attempts

Hacking Attempts

Prevalent and considerable hacking threats are now the norm. Exposure is inevitable and ultimately the largest concern of the problem.

 Detected unauthorized login attempt

Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks, also discussed as dictionary and password attacks, is when an attacker systematically tries to access a password protected site or server.

DDoS attack on server

DDoS Attacks

An attack performed by a DDos Program which sends SYN-messages to flood a server with requests to uphold normal operations.

 Phishing credit card details


Disguising as a trustworthy source to obtain sensitive information from a victim.

E-mail spam

Computer Virus

A malicious code, able to replicate itself, which infects workstations and servers.

E-mail spam


Unwanted emails, which can be harmless but annoying, but may also contain computer viruses.

Real Time

Threat Activity Map

Holler Box