Syspeace 2.4.0 released

Syspeace 2.4.0 is now available and contains the successor to the “Attack control” panel – the new “Access log” panel – and quick actions like “Add to local blacklist” for IP addresses in many places across the user interface; both very common requests. This release is an architectural release, paving the way for future features, […]

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Global Blacklist coverage expanded

From very early versions, Syspeace has featured a Global Blacklist where the most recurring attackers from across the entire user base are ranked and the worst offenders delivered as preemptive blocks to all Syspeace users. Syspeace has blocked 1.8 million attacks to date, but countless more have been prevented by the Global Blacklist. Since more […]

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Syspeace 2.3.0 released

The new status window list of blocks show blocks by type, IP address and expiration and includes information about the geographical location as well as the observations (failed logins) that triggered the block. Additionally, observations that have been seen but haven’t yet earned a block according to the Syspeace rules configured will show up as […]

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