Buy Syspeace Licenses

The calculator shows the price for a new customer. Current customers with nonprofit or educational institution discounts or recently purchased licenses should log in and use the calculator in the Syspeace Licenses site for a price taking these factors into account.

All prices in US dollars.


Effective licenses

License structure

Add any number of Syspeace licences to cover one or more servers.

Syspeace use requires a Syspeace account, registered during first use. To this account, you may add any number of licenses. Each license is chosen by you: Any number of servers between any two dates; as many or as few licenses as is necessary. Pay only for the number of servers and days you need.

Your Syspeace account has a common license key that makes all of your servers eligible to access your account’s licenses. Licenses are not involved with specific servers, so you can upgrade or exchange servers without worrying about extra license costs.

You only pay for the servers Syspeace is installed on, not the computers accessing those servers.


We offer discounts for:

  • nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations (for example 501(c) organizations in the US)
  • educational institutions

For more information about these discounts, contact us.

License demand

If this is your actual license need over a year…

Flexible licenses

Instead, get one license for the servers you know you’ll have all year and add licenses on demand for events or growing needs.

Not flexible licensing

…we will not make you round up to a one year, 10 server license.

Flexible licenses for your budget

Or get shorter period licenses to fit in a shorter term budget.