DevSecOps – Where Collaboration is key

Collaboration is Key in DevSecOps

We hear many people talk about DevOps and SecOps. The DevOps wants to develop a strategy that bridges the gap between software development and IT operations. The team works with design, development, testing, implementation or deployment and maintenance. Security is normally introduced in the later stages. Somewhere between testing and deployment or even later.  But […]

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Requirements for Syspeace

Syspeace Brute Force Protection Internet security for Windows Servers Free support FAQ

Syspeace’s server protection is an anti-hacking software, for brute force attacks specifically. The Syspeace system is a Host-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (HIDPS). Simply meaning that it reasons about the pattern of failed login attempts and sequentially blocks the attacker once it can discern the attack from a legitimate user logging in incorrectly. So what are […]

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Is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for me?

Helping hand through the screen

As cybersecurity continues to increasingly be at the top of everyone’s mind, the knowledge about how brute force attacks directly is linked to business risk is growing. Mitigating these risks does not solve the complete problem but it lowers the exposure to an increasingly more professional cyber crime community. To get the best cybersecurity standard, […]

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The first-ever reported human death indirectly caused by a ransomware attack

In September the first death was reported as the first-ever human death indirectly caused by a ransomware attack. The Dusseldorf hospital in Germany was unable to receive the patient as it was in the midst of dealing with a ransomware attack that hit its network and infected more than 30 internal servers.  The hospital couldn’t […]

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Bang for the buck – calculating the ROI of cybersecurity

  The cybercrime business – just like any other business – looks at their return on investment. If an attack does not not yield results, more than 60 percent of hackers will move on within 40 hours, since hackers have become corporate in their behavior, balancing costs, risks and effort. You are in competition with […]

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Unprepared and exposed – welcome to the grim present of cybercrime

A study from Juniper Research foresees that an enormous amount will come from fines related to breaches of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and any other data privacy laws. At the same time, a 70 percent increase in cybercrime is predicted until 2024. A lot of the advanced cyberattacks of […]

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Cybercrime: How our demographics makes us the target

Dart - three arrows in red.

Reading this, you are probably in the riskiest region to be online, namely Northern Europe or North America.  Protection, such as legal and technical measurements on a country level has some effect – having a low score on Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) corresponds with less vulnerability – but other factors, like high income, has more […]

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Optimize the Software Development Process using Leavitt’s Diamond

Optimize the Software Development Process using Leavitts’ Diamond

Producing top-quality software derive from excellent design. Excellent design depended on people who understand effective technology development as well as the field in which the application will be used.   In short, people, process, and technology are a necessary condition of success. The model, originating from the research of Harold Leavitt, focuses on how people […]

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Creating change and business value with technology

How do you implement a new technology platform? By installing the software. Any IT-department can do it. How do you successfully implement a new technology platform? Well, that requires a bit more. One way is to consider Harold Leavitt’s Diamond Model and its three* perspectives for creating organizational change.  Process; as in the organization of people […]

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Are your clients’ payments, medical records and data secure? [US]

Secure payments medical records and data with Syspeace.

Are you compliant, so that the credit card companies and banks continue to allow transactions? Are you ahead of security concerns, or do you struggle to keep up? Two weeks unable to take payments, what would that do to your business?  In this time of increasing level of cybercrimes, rules and regulations are a stepping […]

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