Syspeace introduces automatic license renewal and saved cards

Syspeace customers can now enable automatic license renewal for new or existing licenses on the Syspeace Licenses site. Syspeace has always allowed flexible licenses. You set the start date, end date and number of servers, you can combine multiple licenses and thanks to “floating licenses”, you are able to swap out servers over time. Many […]

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Syspeace 3.1 introduces Remote Status and improves deployment

Syspeace 3.1 is now available and introduces a new feature called Remote Status to let you see the status of Syspeace services remotely, as well as improved support for automatically deploying Syspeace. Using the new Syspeace Remote Status Console application (available free of charge), Syspeace users are able to link one or more Syspeace accounts […]

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Syspeace’s compliance with the GDPR – New European law in effect

Lady Justice Gold Statue, against blue sky.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is now in effect in the European Union. The GDPR requires that personal data being processed in a manner that guarantees its security and integrity of the individuals in question. This includes individuals right to own their own data. Including safeguard it from unauthorized or unlawful processing. Every organization is required to […]

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Recent improvements in the Syspeace Licenses site

Syspeace consists of more than the Windows software that you download and run to achieve our Syspeace protection. Customers purchase and manage licenses from the Syspeace Licenses site, and we have recently introduced a few changes worthy of a write-up. Show your license key. You can now click a link to show your license key, […]

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Syspeace 2.7.0 released

Syspeace 2.7.0 is a highly recommended update. It introduces improved support for detecting RDP login failures where the IP addresses are missing in the event log entries. For details, see the separate post A comprehensive approach to detecting RDP login failures. It includes a setting to mitigate repetitive “success” login entries on file servers caused […]

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